Taichi Yamada is one of the most famous and highly respected writers in Japan. Winner of many awards for literary excellence from private organizations and from the Japanese government, he is best known for his scripts for TV dramas, but has also written many novels and plays. He was born in Tokyo in 1934, and graduated from Waseda University in 1958 after having studied japanese Language and Literature in the Department of Education. That same year he entered the Shochiku Film Company and began to work at the Ofuna Studio Production Department. In 1965, he left Shochiku and established himself as an independent scenario writer.

He won the New Talent Award for the TV drama "Sorezore no Aki" [Pieces of Autumn] and has written numerous other works including "Ensen Chizu" [Route Map]. "Kishibe no Arubamu" [Riverside Album], "Omoide Zukuri" [The Precious Moment], "Otokotachi no Tabiji" [The Roads Men Travel]. "Fuzoroi no Ringotachi" [Assorted Apples], and "Soushun Sukkechibukku" [In the Springtime, Sketch Book]. In 1983, he won the Education Minister's Award for "Nagaraeba" [When We Are Old]. In 1984, he won the Mukoda Kuniko Prize for "Nihon no Omokage" [Out of the East] and in 1985, the Kikuchi Kan Prize.

His novels include "Ai yori Aoku" [Deeper than Indigo], "Owari ni Mita Machi" [The Last Place They Saw - Apocalypse], and "Ijintachi tono Natsu" [Strangers] received the first Yamamoto Shugoro Prize. The novel was made into a film. "Tobu Yume wo Shibaraku Minai" [I Hadn't Dreamt of Flying for a While] was also made into a film and won the Grand Prize at the Belgium International Film Festival. The novels "Kishibe no Arubamu," "Oka no Ue no Himawari" [Sunflower on the Hill], "Kimi wo Miagete" [Looking Up at You] appeared in serialized form in newspapers. Other novels include "Mienai Kurayami" [Secret Darkness], "Koi no Shisei de" [Attitudes of Love], and "Minareta Machi ni Kaze ga Fuku" [New Breeze in an Old Town].

His plays include "Rabu" [Love], "Jyampu" [Jump], "Suna no Ue no Dansu" [Dance on the Sand], "Kawa no Mukou de Hito ga Yobu" [Someone is Calling Beyond the River], "Soushun Sukkechibukku," "Nihon no Omokage," "Yonaka ni Okiteiru no wa" [In the Dead of Night], among others.

In 1991 his scenario for the film "Shonen Jidai" [Childhood] won the following awards: The Mainichi Film Competition, The Japan Academy Award, and the Scenario Award from the Japan Writer's Association, The Japan Broadcast Writer's Association, and The Japan Scenario Writer's Association Members.